My wave photographs is being used by “the Image” on their main web page

I am please to announce that the web site “the image will be displaying this photo of mine on their front page of the web site.  As of Tomorrow – Sunday 8th September 2013

Wave from Nice, France Copyright Michael Crawford-Hick

Wave from Nice, France Copyright Michael Crawford-Hick

Click the link here to go direct to the wave photograph on the web site –

You can find more of my wave images at and search for “waves, Nice, France or you can see a more extensive collection of my photographs at where I showcase around 3000 images from the places I have been recently.

Enjoy and please forward to anyone who might be interested in seeing the photographs




domains values

While putting these domains up for sale I have done some online research to find out their value.  I tried around 8 different online valuation engines and they came up with values of 0 to around 28,000 US dollars – why the big difference your guess is as good as mine.  I know they will use various links, back links and how they actually come up with the figure is pure science.

If you take etisybot which a lot of people use, they came out with the lowest value – I even tried valuating on that it came up with 25K Dollars – well below what it is worth, as its a trillion dollar company.

So what is the right value of a domain name, something that someone will pay for it like that sold for around 25 million USD .  I had hoped that the people looking at my domains look at the actual name in depth and how it could enhance their online present and does it actually add value to the company and not just an online search engine valuation with no real science to its background a bit like a 2nd hand car or house, it is really necessary to pay 250K for a house that actually cost around 100K to build? – a very big profit margin

So my domains for sale are as follows, and are my valuations with a little guidance from the online estimated valuing calculators and not taking into account the Zero valuations that some gave.

I have the following domain names for sale (8000 pounds Sterling) (1500 pounds Sterling) ** (1200 pounds Sterling)** (150 pounds Sterling)

Note ** items when sold 10% will be given to a UK based Charity

Domains for sale

I have the following domain names for sale (8000 pounds Sterling) (1500 pounds Sterling) ** (1200 pounds Sterling)** (150 pounds Sterling)

Note ** items when sold 10% will be given to a UK based Charity

Money and how much do we really need?

I have been looking at a camera I could not afford at present e.g. H4D-50 by Hasselblad it’s a wonderful high-resolution camera, but at £20,000, and I need 3 lenses for it and new lap top this come to just a little under £ 30,000 (sterling) – I know it’s a lot, but think of it as a top of the range car that will earn you money, the car will be sitting on the drive way or road devaluing by the day and NOT earning you any money.  The camera can and will earn its value once I have it.

I have been thinking for a long time now, how will i ever be able to afford this camera?  It’s a lot and if I went to a bank they would probably say GO AWAY and do not be silly you do not need this camera, but I know once I have it the high paid work will follow and I would hopefully pay for it within 6-12 months.  So the bank or other financial institution have said no to the loan in any context, so how do you get it??

That is the $64,000 question how to raise £30,000 – in the past I have always been looking to raise and earn money in the region of £1000-2000 per month through earnings, this make an OK lifestyle, but what I really need is a lot more disposable income say an extra £5000 plus per month on top of my usual salary, hopefully more, so I can buy the camera outright in cash at the end of say 6-7 months.

So it is now time to think BIG, and take a risk or two on something to raise this cash, But how???    I do not know yet, but I know I want this to be done via my photography some how and get a run on some digital downloads on my photographs or get people to but large prints.  A crowd funding idea is a little too small for this kind of venture, I have to think big and get some exposure for my photography, please visit 

Buy some photographs to help me get this camera.

Also you could buy a print subscription from

Alternatively there may be an anonymous benefactor out there somewhere with too much money, or wants a tax right off as a gift, or who just likes my photograph and would not miss £ 30,000, I will happily take the gift and of course supply you with some large prints, personalize books of images you select etc as a thank you.  I know that is a long short, but it is worth a shot.

If you have any suggestions of ways of getting my photography selling in droves at low cost, then please drop me a line and suggest something.

If you can Re Tweet, or face book, tell people about my photography to your readers about my web site etc that would be appreciated. On my web site I have many types of photography something for everybody.  You could commission me to take some photographs for you, as I would be open to all types of legal offers in ways to get this camera within the next 6 months if at all possible.

So it’s over to you people of the internet and lets see what happens

Thanks for reading


Thaipusam Penang 2012

Hello all

Many thanks for all your visits to my blog and photographs from the event,

If you order any prints from me they can come like this – just ask me, I hope you like the design

Enjoy Michael

Also I am thinking of making a small desk top calendar with the images I have taken,  – any takers?, also they can be customized for business or personal use, let me know your requirements.

2 things I want to support

I have just found out that a friend of mine has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she is well on the way to recovery, with the operation done and its now the treatment to kill the remainder off sounds horrendous to me, and after a conversation with her, she has come to terms and her outlook on life is different now what it was just a few months ago.

I have been searching my personal database (my brain) for a while now and I have come up with 2 separate things that I want my life to reflect before anything else potentially dire happens to me and they are:

Cancer trusts etc

I am not going to plow money what ever I have into the actual company who are looking for a cure or preventive measure for 2 reasons, one there is already millions being spent on this and my few thousand I may raise will be a drop in the ocean so to speak, and then the CEO and their staff members are taking such big salaries from these organization, I feel that I would be paying just their salary and not actually fund the work to find a cure.

So where am I going to put my money and effort?, well its the smaller charities and hospices (all will be vetted) so that my contribution will be made to those who need it most the people with cancer, if my money allows them to go on a holiday or pay that bill then I am going to direct my money in their direction.  I want the people to have a better quality of life, what ever that is to them.

My back ground with cancer is that I have lost 4 friends to this already in my life and I hope I do not want to lose this friend as no 5.  They were all friends, 2 at work and 2 socially, I particularly miss Janet as she introduced me to a who new level of photography, and for a period of around 4 years before I left the area I was living (London UK), I grew as a person, had lots of creative ideas for photography, and I know my photography did improve during that time.  But in short we worked together for this photography group free of charge, but enjoyed every minute of it, and if I was still in London I would be a very active member, but alas I am out of the UK and currently living in ASIA.

I have worked with a small charity in the UK who provides holidays for kids with cancer aged 13 to mid 20’s, they provide the fun and laughter in an otherwise dark and horrible world.  I did have the privilege of working with them taking photographs for them, and helping out at a few events a few years ago and I am still in touch with them.  Their web site is

The 2nd thing I want to support is


Sound like an impossible project, well if you take it as a whole then yes it is a big project, but I love taking photographs of the sea, ocean and waves see

I came across a small project out of Chile via the twitter network it’s

Please make a small donation to them, even if it’s only $1 it all helps.

It’s a small program to educate children about not polluting the sea with the plastics and other crap we dump in it, by accident or purpose, I do not know, only you who do it knows the answer to that question.

There are a number of causes that I follow on twitter , and it all about clean up of our shores, as I have been in Asia for 14 months now, and more recently I have seen tons of this discarded rubbish being washed up on the shore, and it’s all non biodegradable stuff plastics, bottle (all kinds), polystyrene etc photographs will be posted in a new blog, later today, once I have sorted them all out.

So in conclusion please help me to raise awareness and funds for these causes how I hear you ask?

1. A Direct donation to them via credit card, bank, PayPal etc

2. Buy a print subscription from me and mention this blog and I will take 10% of this and split it 5% to YCT and 5% to Save the Seas causes.  You just need to send me an email once you have made the purchase of the print subscription.

3. Please re blog, tweet this story and publish it on any medium you can, if you could send me a link to it’s on line or printed version of this publicity that would be great – so I know what is happening to the story.

4. I have the domain name for sale, please email me an offer and a donation will be made to the above causes.

5. Watch out in a few months time I will produce a calendar of ocean images for next year – I have done these in the past and they are great desk top versions.

Thanks for reading cotact details are below for all the above mentioned people

Follow me Michael Crawford-Hick on twitter @mchphoto

Web site and

Youth Cancer Trust @YouthCancerYCT

Save the seas Alejandra Planet  @RecyclesSave

What are you doing for the New Year 2012

I do not mean the actual celebrations, what new thing will you do, or attempt to do in the new year of 2012?

For me it is

  • To do a lot more travel and Travel photography
  • Earn a lot of money from my photography
  • Get commissions for my photography
  • Get my print subscription web site selling
  • To do a photo / video project with a friend in the USA and China
  • Make a new life in another country e.g. Malaysia
  • Get a soul Mate – I think I know who she is, but will have to wait and see next year.
  • Take better photographs
  • Get Published online, and printed and GET PAID for the submissions.
  • Not to work for a horrible boss ever again
  • Live and work in San Francisco area for 6 months
  • Sell the domain name

I have set out these goals for me, I will make a more comprehensive list nearer the New Year, but this list is what I really want to do and on 2012 it is all feasible, I just have to trust the universe to help me out and achieve these goals

So what are yours?