Vivid Sydney 2017

Hi all

I have been down to the festival again and found new places and techniques to capture more amazing shots of the festival.

My favorites tonight are the reflections of the Sydney Opera House, What’s Yours?

Thank you for reading this blog



Water and Wave Photographs

UI have been meaning to do this for a while now as I needed to seperate my water and wave photographs from all my usual photography, so here is the new gallery and I will be adding some new ones very soon.



p.s. I can supply these as prints or electronic versions as required, but tehy are not free, please contact me for a quotation if you wish to use them or have a great print on your home or office wall.  I will ship worldwide.

Malaka, Malaysia

Hello again

I have traveled to Malaka a small town in Malaysia and has a thriving artist community here, not sure what mediums are being used, but I have seen, photographs, paintings, sculptures so far.  Also there is a likely 3 day even Friday, Saturday and Sunday night market every week.  Lots of things on offer food, good and entertainment (mainly in Chinese)

The river is a nice peaceful area away from all the hustle and bustle of the town center and my photographs can be found here

Enjoy and share