Festivals around Asia

The various festivals around Asia for their New years, Full moons etc are very colourful and amazing.

The Chinese new year is all about lanterns decorating the whole town, where as the Holi , festival for their new year in Nepal and India is one of colourful powder and drums that provide the rhythm for the day and in my opinion one of the most friendliest I have been to.

Then the 5 days of Diwali in Nepal and India is one of beautiful lights and Mandles that are made by hand to welcome the good spirits in the house for the coming year.

The full moon festival in Hoi An which happens every full moon. The town turns off the main white street lamps and the town is turned into a fantasy paradise for once a month (approx),.  Every other day the lanterns are on from dusk to around 10.30pm.

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Chinese New Year, Penang, Malaysia

Gallery of Images: https://bit.ly/2I7jxN6


Holi, Nepal

Gallery of Images: https://bit.ly/2HHwhKZ

Diwali, Nepal

Gallery of Images: https://bit.ly/2HMg8jt

Lanterns of Hoi An, Vietnam (at full moon)

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Vivid Sydney 2017

Hi all

I have been down to the festival again and found new places and techniques to capture more amazing shots of the festival.

My favorites tonight are the reflections of the Sydney Opera House, What’s Yours?

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Taronga Zoo

OK wild animals are in this post so be careful as you navigate through it.!

Taronga zoo is a place that actually looks after animals and is a not for profit and is heavily into conversation for all sorts of animals around the world.

The displays of these amazing illuminated animals come alive when the sun has set and the lights come on.  I was getting lessons of animal inditifaction, as the excited children shout out the name of a new animal to their respective parents as they go around the zoo.

The link to the Zoo is below


Enjoy some of the animals, I have only uploaded a few on this blog the rest will be uploaded very shortly to https://500px.com/mchphoto2015

Vivid Sydney 2017

There is an event in Sydney, Australia that is happening right now, well 24th May to 17th June and it lights up Sydney from 6pm every night to a colourful display of buildings, light trails, the opera house, Harbour bridge and more, here are a few photos of this event, more can be found at Vivid Sydney Photos available at https://500px.com/mchphoto2015

Loy Krathong, Koh Samui Thailand

In the Center 0f Chaweng, there is a lake and this is the venue is the ideal place to see and participate in the Loy Krathong to see the people float their flower boats with wishes to the Water Goddess, they are for the following reasons:

You put a coin on the boat and send it to Water Goddess, as an offering One for good luck, One for applogise what they have done with the great river and this has been done for over 200 years and to keep the custom for future generation.

It was a spectular event it was not noisey just serene and wonderful.  There was entertainment and food laid on for afterwards if you wanted.

I will stop there and let the photographs do the talking




With Thank to my Thai friend Tent for the info on reasons for Loy Krathong