Taronga Zoo

OK wild animals are in this post so be careful as you navigate through it.!

Taronga zoo is a place that actually looks after animals and is a not for profit and is heavily into conversation for all sorts of animals around the world.

The displays of these amazing illuminated animals come alive when the sun has set and the lights come on.  I was getting lessons of animal inditifaction, as the excited children shout out the name of a new animal to their respective parents as they go around the zoo.

The link to the Zoo is below


Enjoy some of the animals, I have only uploaded a few on this blog the rest will be uploaded very shortly to https://500px.com/mchphoto2015


plastics and the Ocean

Please see this page it’s disheartening to see these animals in distress

Lets do somethingabout it, please world –

Get rid of palstic – we never used to need it in the quantities we do now


A Cat’s Tale

Well I had to take the cat to the Vet and leave her there for 48 hours (Cat’s name is Martini), so she seemed OK on the way over to the vet, did not really like being transported, but was sort of OK.  When we got to the vets, she encountered a lot of other dogs and cats, which she did not like, as at home Martini is one of the most non aggressive cats I have ever encountered, even when you play with her, no claws are out and certainly no hissing or growling ever.

On putting her on the table, she spied the other cats, and started to growl, she did not like where she was (I do not think most animals do either).  I had to leave her to the vets people for treatment. 😦

After a long 48 hours, as it was very odd not calling the cat to be fed, stroked and played with etc for that time, also I missed her waking me up at 5.30am to go and play outside (we do not have a cat flap) then our meowing chat over her breakfast when she returns a few hours later. Oh How we miss our animals and how they miss us.

On arrival at the vets, I was told that she was very upset and angry she had been whilst she was there, I think being caged up as they were and not in a very large cage probably wound her up even more, but as we approached he, she did not see me, but heard my voice and started crying towards my voice – she had missed me a lot, I put my fingers through the cage bars and a welcomed nudge with her face on them, she was almost instantly happy again.  I reach into the cage and took her out, not a mumer, just relive on her face and a small purr knowing that she was going home.

We carried her home and as soon as she got to familiar terrority, she was happy, she had a quick look around the place, Yes this is my place, and I got some food for her ready, fresh cat litter and water and a friend was getting some fish for her as we settled back into her life at home.

After she had been fed, she was checking out the home inside and out to make sure this was her place, she has sort of ignored me for most of the afternoon, as I am sure she is checking everything out.

The way she ate the fish, it seemed like she had never been fed, but perhaps she just did not eat the food she was given as I did see some food in the bowl at the vet, so she was given some then, but I think she just did not eat, pinning for her owner? Maybe.

Well she is back home and some time in the near future she will have kittens around 2-3 weeks or less I think, so how many I do not know, I will have to wait and see about that one.

I did not really know that our animals miss us when we go away from them for a few days, as I have not had a cat or other animal to look after for many years now, so it was nice to see how a cat misses it’s owner, just like the cartoon character Garfield, when his owner Jon goes away for longer than a few hours – Garfield misses him, so did Martini miss me.

These are 2 pics of her, just so as you can put a face to the name

Merry Christmas from me and the cat