I need help selling my photographs

I need help selling my photographs,

So I am offering a 20% commission only sales. My Signature series sell at £25 each and you earn £5 per sale.  The Canvas prints start at £115 = £23 per sale.  If you have a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or other page (not an Adult or objectionable web site) that you could share these to, I will give you all the graphics and a unique codes that the customer has to put in in order to get your commission.

Plus with your code your referrals get 5% off their order

This could become a residual background income for you on the right website/blog. I pay out approx 14 days after the sale has been completed and shipped and I ship out usually within a week.  I can pay via bank transfer (UK – Sterling only) or PayPal.

If you are interested please email me with where you could place the ad graphics. My web site is www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com to see my work and if you could represent it on you website, Blog or Facebook page.

Thank you Michael mchphoto2015@gmail.com

Sample graphics below, others can be tailored to suit your size requirements.


2nd Signature Series Landscape Theme

This is my Second series of my signature series of prints They are 5″x 7″ and are on the theme of “Landscapes”

These are the first 2 of 10 in this series and they are available to purchase on my web site @£25 each plus postage to anywhere in the world. The remaining 8 are available to view on my web site at https://bit.ly/2Fzroh2   Where you can find the other series on Water.

Buy a total of 10 and get 10% off use this code at check out Signature10
Start collecting my work now before they come too expensive!


I am looking for people to help sell these photographs and anything on my web site

So do you want to earn some extra money selling these prints on commission only basis then click here for more details https://bit.ly/2wdVjMs

Festivals around Asia

The various festivals around Asia for their New years, Full moons etc are very colourful and amazing.

The Chinese new year is all about lanterns decorating the whole town, where as the Holi , festival for their new year in Nepal and India is one of colourful powder and drums that provide the rhythm for the day and in my opinion one of the most friendliest I have been to.

Then the 5 days of Diwali in Nepal and India is one of beautiful lights and Mandles that are made by hand to welcome the good spirits in the house for the coming year.

The full moon festival in Hoi An which happens every full moon. The town turns off the main white street lamps and the town is turned into a fantasy paradise for once a month (approx),.  Every other day the lanterns are on from dusk to around 10.30pm.

All photographs are for sale to be used in magazines and I can provide up to 500 words to go with them, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

There are many more photographs on my web site http://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com and I invite you to have a look around and contact me if you have any questions.

Chinese New Year, Penang, Malaysia

Gallery of Images: https://bit.ly/2I7jxN6


Holi, Nepal

Gallery of Images: https://bit.ly/2HHwhKZ

Diwali, Nepal

Gallery of Images: https://bit.ly/2HMg8jt

Lanterns of Hoi An, Vietnam (at full moon)

Gallery of Images: https://bit.ly/2JKqoJq


Why don’t magazines and Website pay photographers for unique photographs and words


A note from a web site that has used my images and unique words for free and when they were going to publish the 4th set they said my blog website was down and this is my reply to them.

Yes, I know my web site is down, this is due to non payment of the web hosting fee’s, If you are wondering why I cannot pay them is that everybody wants to use my photographs for free and not pay me in any context. This is aimed at everyone who approaches me on any matter, I am not singling you out here. Even the major companies do not want to pay either for the use of any images and they have the resources and money to do so.
I cannot go on like this, in fact it is making me bankrupt, as I am in debt due to this practice, and will have to go back to a 9-5 job and not get the photographs I want to produce just to survive life e.g. rent, food and usual life’s expenses. This is not something I relish as it will depress me and will probably hang up my camera for any more editorial work on the environment which is a shame as it is an avenue I wanted to peruse.
I was hoping the exposure of 20,000 visitors to your web site someone or two would be in contact with myself in order to buy photographs from me, or get me to collaborate on another project where they pay me. In fact I have had less than 10 visitors per month from your site, if I look very deeply it is less than 5. This is not an acceptable rate for a web site of 20,000 visitors per month if those figures are correct.
So if this was the real world old school before digital really took hold and using real examples of how much I would get paid per article, using the Cradoc Caption writer engine via Photoshelter who I am hosting with, my photographs would cost as follows. The words rate for editorial can be found on https://www.the-efa.org/rates/ But the fees below are currently what agencies like Gettys do charge you for the use of my photographs.
4 Photographs world wide rights, based on editorial/education and up to 1 year license on a 1/4 page usage the fee per image is $382, Words can be paid from 26 Cents to 50 cents per word, so a mid point around 38 cents for this calculation is 38 cents. Other stock photo sites for these unique images would be similar prices and the prices on Gettys and others are a very similar price. Please note I do not use micro stock libraries and the work I that I have done is unique and not generalized so would not fit on micro stock libraries. My images are up on a major stock photo web site.


4 Photos x $382 $ 1528

350 words x 0.38 = $ 133

$ 1661 per article
If I put that into perspective to get the Photographs from Nepal cost me flights (KL to Nepal) $400plus each 3 night accommodation at $10 per night, food $20, Visa fee $25,= $875 min, if I go to Australia the flight costs are $200 each way KL to Sydney, accommodation $ 75, food $50 = $525 and the list goes on.The balances from paid per article minus cost allows me to travel more within that country and take more photographs and write more articles that can be published. The remainder is use for my internet usage, camera equipment, computer insurance and other related costs
Please Note if I get paid, I am happy, Pay my bills and are more willing to go to difficult countries to get similar images, but without payment, I get one set and leave it at that, no follow through, as there would have been a lot more opportunities in Nepal, Australia, & Philippines (where it was very dangerous as I walked by houses and people openly had guns of all kinds where I was photographing).
Other photographers and journalists get paid, So why not me I ask you?.
You are going to come back to me and say there is no budget and I ask why there is no budget for this (as any accountant will ask), when you did the cost calculations for the magazine, where was this line on the spread sheet?, your internet providers get paid, plus office and staff in NY which is not cheap I know. Yes you are providing a free resource web site, but as you are company with many sponsors/contributors there will be a fee coming from most of them.

So why do you not pay photographers for their articles?? (no budget is not an answer)
So I thought this was going to be an opportunity to get exposure and sell my work to a few people, but it has not happened like that and I am very very disappointed. I do have a solution to the blog , but I await your reply first, as so far I have given you 3 articles with 3 sets of unique images and words which should have netted me around $4500 plus dollars based on real world prices and with this next article that brings it up even more. Even if we negotiated on the above rates, I could have kept my web site up, bills paid and plan more travel to get unique environmental images. It does not matter where I am based or what nationality I am. You and the “magazine/web industry” now needs to pay a fair rate for the work us photographers do and bringing you unique images with suitable words to illustrate them.

I await your reply



my web site is www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com and the photographs can be found on these direct links
I have submitted an article to them on using images from this gallery and this is where the response to them is coming from

They have used images from these galleries, plus my own unique words of 250-600 each time









Plastic Post-Apocalyptic

The other day I mused about the things I have read in particular that we will have more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050 according to the reports. However the oil companies want to produce 40% more plastic in the next 10 years (madness as we are trying to get rid of it), this means that the above statement of more plastic than fish in the sea will reduce probably by 8-10 years. This is now a scary thought. The year is now 2040 ish.

So If the fish stocks are not enough to sustain life this is a serious hole in our food chain and those 30 -40 years will dispensary in a blink of any eye (1 generation). So of the fish stock die, we start to die to to the lack of one major food source, plus all the contamination of plastics in the general food chain, so we are dying out at a faster rate than is what could be considered “normal”.

So what happens when life on earth does not exist as we know it today? Well this series of photographs I did the other day, may look odd, but in a Plastic Post-Apocalyptic world, who is there to take care of the buildings if we are not here?. This is where nature starts to reclaim the earth as it’s own and over time probably 500-1000 years will look beautiful again as man kind has not been there to ruin a beautiful planet.

So please think before your use plastic in your every day life, as this Plastic Post-Apocalyptic effect could come sooner than you expect if we go on as we are today.

For more on this series of photos at https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/index/C0000IyqZppvhgyo/G0000rys18zHCVzA/I00009JII6XerLho

For more Environmental images please visit https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/index/C0000IyqZppvhgyo

A Signature series of prints on the Theme of Water

A start to a new signature series of prints They are 5″x 7″ and are on the theme of “water”

These are the first 2 of 10 in this series and they are available to purchase on my web site @£25 each plus postage to anywhere in the world. The other 8 will be posted 28/5/18.
Start collecting my work now before they come too expensive!

Order here https://bit.ly/2KnJaro


I am looking for people to help sell these photographs and anything on my web site

So do you want to earn some extra money selling these prints on commission only basis then click here for more details https://bit.ly/2wdVjMs


I want to open a Gallery and Photography Workshop

Hello, I have been traveling for 15 months around Asia, Australia & New Zealand and have lots of images to share with you. In order for me to get to my goal to showcase my photos in my own gallery with workshop area.

For one day only I am selling 5″x 7″ prints of whatever you want from my Instagram archive for $99 each individually signed by me. I will never sell anything this cheap again. If you’re interested, send a screenshot of the photo(s) of your choice to mchphoto2015@gmail.com and I will send a Paypal invoice, followed by a signed print. Easy peasy


Please share this with any one you are to as I need to get the word out that I have photographs for sale and a one day special offer is Happening NOW 23/24 April 2018 (depends on time zones etc)

Thank You


Open a gallery Instagram post correct