Plastics and Jelly fish in the Ocean

I have just had a short walk via a marina in Sri Lanka, but this could any marina around the world. I looked at the water and initially saw some fish, then the small jellyfish, but then looking a little deeper I saw the sad realization that the area had plastic and other debris in it, polystyrene, glass bottles, bottle caps etc. Now, I know there are turtles in this area as there is a small sanctuary on Lavinda beach not to far from where I was standing.

As turtle’s eat jelly fish, but when they look exactly like a white plastic bag, then we have problems. I can see in my minds eye the turtle eating this plastic stuff that mankind put in the water either by accident or deliberately I do not care. Plastic is not fish, turtle or anyone’s food, well would you eat a plastic bag?, Thought not.

The turtle will die eventually, so would we if we keep eating contaminated food.

So why does our sea life eat them, because it looks like food to them.

These photographs I took made me sad and we really have to stop using plastic bags in our lives, in reality we do not need them, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Lets get using the alternatives NOW.

Our Grandparents did not use plastic bags, so why do we have to? Clean out our drawers, cupboards under the sink etc and dispose of those plastic bags ASAP in the correct manner. Why not take them back to the supermarket and get them to dispose of them correctly, after all it is them who are responsible for giving them to us in the billions.

To all you supermarkets, there is no excuse now, stop giving them away or charging for them. Do something else than what the government tells you to do for the sake of the environment and your children’s future on this planet as we are suffering now, just think what your children’s future looks like if we do NOT do anything now.

I wonder which supermarket will be the first to do something different on this front?.

Take them off your inventory list and never order them again. Introduce better ways to carry out shopping home. Force us to do so. Even those plastic bags for life are no good, we want bags that are made to last that do not come out of plastic derived in any form. They are out there, you have to source them for us at a reasonable cost you can do it, you have the teams in place to actually do this, so why are you not doing this?



NYPD Police Officer’s Random Act of Kindness

This is how we should all be, please take note from this Police officer actions, it’s worth reading and please help me to help the homeless in the Bournemouth, Dorset, UK as today there was a little frost for the first time and there are around 100 people in the Bournemouth area living on the streets.  My personal estimated number, this figure is probably a lot higher probably nearer 200 plus

If you wish to help, please contact me as I need money to buy clothes for the homeless in the form of socks, jumpers, hats, scarfs as well as food at a local centre who feeds these guys twice a week, I am giving up my Christmas Day to help them – what are you doing?

Please donate via paypal to this address , please give it as a gift so I do not get the Paypal charges – Sterling or US Dollars

Think of the donation as an extra £10 or $10 christmas present, that will bring a smile to these people faces when they get some warm clothing etc This is priceless and words cannot express it.

Thank you


p.s. I am not a charity, just a person who has been homeless and know what these guys are going through from 1st hand experience and just want to give back to them.  My blog here explains all if you want to re-read about my experiences and it was not pleasant at time, sleeping out at night, I am grateful for a series of events that got me off the streets before the rain and bad weather started to arrive in the UK.

Energy Saving Halogens???

OK, as an electrician I have fitted many hundred of these in homes, and to see that they want to ban them, replace them with energy efficient versions, I say NO.

For a number of reasons

  • They cost more
  • The light is not the same both in output and colour temperature i.e. they will not be this mice warm orange glow, but a horrible white, blue or green light that fluorescent give out.
  • If they are a fluorescent version the existing dimmer will NOT work and all of my client have paid for dimmer that are now useless.  There are alternatives, but they are VERY expensive and only work with a few types of “energy Saving bulbs ” in the whole range on the shelf, so in short useless expense.
  • florescent versions Do NOT WORK AT 12 V they need min 100 Volts, so all the wiring will have to change, so will these bulbs have step up transformer in them, plus all the electronics???
  • It will destroy the “mood” that these halogen lights give out, houses will have to be redesigned in the terms of lighting now.

It seems using a sledge hammer to crack a walnut type scenario and has to stop.

Yes I am interested in saving energy as the next person, but do what I was told as a kid, if you go out of the room and may not come back “TURN THE LIGHT OFF” as my mother would shout down the hall when I usually left the bathroom – I got the message.

Also another way to save money on electrics, is take that phone charger out of the wall or turn the switch off when it is not charging the phone, this can save you up to £1 per week, every week per phone, so if you have 2 phones per household that over £100 saved per year.

Turn off the TV at the switch NOT the standby button, as the TV takes around 50-75% of the power compared to switch one, this goes for the Hi Fi as well.

When will these government stop meddling in this small scale “energy saving” initiatives and look to the larger picture.

Just one last thought I was doing some calculations on a back up generator scenarios for power cuts in a rural part of the country and I got some energy saving bulbs to look up their wattage, so an 11 watt bulb OK, but wait why does it draw 60 ma? more calculations and Yes the bulb takes 11 watts, but the electronics inside take another 10-11 wats, making this bulb in fact draw 22 watts of electricity, and it replaces a 40 watt bulb and you need at least 2 of these to get the same light, mmm this calculated at 44 wats, and the old one only took 40 watts, mmmm who is getting their calculations wrong here? 


So in conclusion it takes 4 watts more to make the same light, costs us more to buy the bulbs and really does not help the environment in any way, there will be more CO2 gasses etc. 


here’s the link to the newspaper article that spurred this little blog entry–alternative-costs-times-more.html

A Petty Thief?

So when you confront a petty thief, that is the question of the day, as I unfortunately know one as I am travelling and I do not think he really knows that he is one, or that I know about it.

So when do you say enough is enough, for example this person get free food from the charities that make it available for the “street People” of this town, they typically takes 2 portions of food twice a day once at 11am and on around 5pm. This person has enough money to buy his own food, he is certainly not on the poverty line by any means, but he chooses to do everything on the cheap or free, taking the good nature of the people around him without any care in the world to repay the debt in some way.

I know of at least two incidents where they have taken an empty water bottle and used it for their own, and this was from my bed area.  They tried to blame the cleaner, but as there were two empty bottles by the bed and only one disappeared, the cleaner would have taken both.  The by chance the very next day they had an exact same bottle as was left out mmmm I think they took it, I know he certainly did not ask, as I was saving them for me to refill from the water machine a few hours later, so why would I have given a person this bottle?

Also another traveller left a very nice towel on his bed, it stayed there for around 1-2 hours, hoping that the person would realise his mistake and come and get it.  NO this person took the towel off the bed, looked at it, and then his mate took it, folded it and put it on their bed.  The next time I saw the towel was on the washing line, and I thought that they had handed it into reception and the hotel were going to put it in their “stock” of towels for rent, but then this other person checked out and the towel “Disappeared” mmmm. The guy in question came back after 2-3 days looking for his towel, and it was nowhere to be found. From this we can determine that it was certainly was not handed into to the reception or cleaner.  No they had taken it.  The person who owned the towel even asked this person, have you seen it, he said NO he had not, so he is now a lying as well as a thief.

So when does a person stand up to this person without concrete proof, I can only say what I saw, as for the towel I did not see it go into his bag as he left, nor is there any video evidence that a crime had taken place.  It is all hearsay, e.g. their word against mine.

I know the Karma gods will get him later for his deeds, it sort of happening now, as he rarely speaks to people, he seems to have very few friends as he has made enemies in the past and certain people will not associate with him now from past experiences.

This person seems to pounce on any unattended article and takes the lot, this is a small thing, but one traveller left 3 bottle of water on the table for all to share, as he did not want to carry it with him to Thailand.  He said if you want water take it.  My friend needed water and I suggested he go an get some from the table, but they had all gone, where into this persons personal stock, he took all 3 bottles, not what he needed, but all 3 x 1.5 litres and did not leave any for any others, and this guy hardly drinks any water compared to the rest of us.

He is a hoarder of things, he wants everything that is left unattended for more than a few hours, as I am sure I have had some toothpaste go missing, as the tube was at least half full the other day, now it is almost empty, I think he has transferred some from this to his tube somehow.  I often see him looking at my items on the windowsill, I presume eyeing up what he plans to take next, which to me is a sad thing in my eyes.  They can afford a tube of toothpaste, but no he takes from others.

They go to a small Chinese’s market for his fruit and he only gets the fruit that is fit for the dustbin, you see them cutting all the bad bit out of the fruit and there is hardly anything left.  Most of us would be throwing the fruit with mold and deep bruises out, but he eats it YUK.

The other thing he was about to take from me was my washing powder, as I had done some washing and always brings back the packet to the bed area.  I had not notice it missing on the window sill, until I saw it within their pile of things, and I took it back.  He said was that yours, I said yes, they gave me a story of how I left it on the wall near the washing line, but how did he know it was mine.  I believe they took it, hid it for 1-2 days and then put it back on the window sill next to his stuff trying to claim it as his.  I knew then he was not to be trusted, as I did not believe him one bit.  The sad part of this item cost 1 ringgit, which in sterling terms is 20 Pence, even poor people have this amount of money.

So what do I do about him, confront him now or on the next time, or just let the karma gods deal with him.  The easiest way is for the Karma gods to deal with it, as do a bad deed and it will return to bite you at a later date, it’s just a shame I may never know what that return deed is.  However if I do find them taking any stuff from me from today onwards I am going to confront him and lets see what happens.  Hopefully he will be asked to leave the place we they are staying and never allowed to come back.  That would be a start.

plastics and the Ocean

Please see this page it’s disheartening to see these animals in distress

Lets do somethingabout it, please world –

Get rid of palstic – we never used to need it in the quantities we do now

More Rubbish

Since writing my last article on rubbish I went out to the shore line today and found lots and lots of rubbish, plastic, bottles, bags everything, saying that there were crabs there just getting on with their lives, making their homes, eating and carefully avoiding the rubbish left by us humans.

I Caught something - OH a Crisp BAG 😦

I Caught something - OH a Crisp BAG 😦

General stuff from the sea front area in Penang :((

Unfortunately this is not just a local problem, Its WORLD WIDE, how can we get away from the unnecessary use of plastic bags in our lives – Yes through Education, but it’s needs a few think tanks to see how we can do it, but it never used to be there, plastic is a relatively new invention compared to the paper bag,

I can see some uses of plastic bags and wrapping, but for example why does a cucumber need a plastic wrap on it? and then potatoes, tomatoes and other fruits do not need this – its unnecessary.

Come on Industry, and think tanks how do we tackle this on a world wide scale then??????

Links to the high resolution photographs these can be found on

Rubbish-its all rubbish

Following on from my last blog entry, the photographs in the gallery below have been taken on Koh Samui, and the water inlet of Penang, Malaysia, I was horrified to see the level of plastics, foam etc in the water and swept up onto the beach for wildlife to get tangled in.  Doesn’t anyone care about this horrible mess on our coast line?

I was on Bamboo island just off the Island of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand and this notice was there on the beach, the full text is shown below, and its horrifying that there is a lot of plastic on all the beaches around this area, and yet, do people take notice, I do not think so. I have seen the mess around the place, but not photographed it, but I will start doing so, as the world needs to wake up to this horrible practice of not disposing of rubbish correctly

What can we do expect educated people and get rid of the unnecessary plastic in our lives and go back around 25 + years just before plastic really came to the front and used reusable things e.g. Bags, glass containers, returnable bottles etc, OK we seem to be going that way now, but who thought it was a good idea to offer plastic bags to the customers at the supermarkets (for free) for our shopping when we used to use the boxes that the food came into the shop in and our own cloth and reusable bags.  There was not a lot of plastic when I used to go shopping with my mum on every Saturday, we used the boxes the supermarkets now throw away (OK recycle for money for them)


Why do we need all this packaging when we get a product, it never used to be there, so why is it now?

What this poster says is

How long does litter take to rot away?

Paper 2-5 months                           Paper cup 5 years

Cigarette Butt 12 years                  Plastic bag 6 months to 450 years

Plastic Rope 30-40 years                Alumium can 80-100 years


Full resolution images can be found at!i=1695600094&k=7sjjX7Q

All photographs are copyright Michael Crawford-Hick