Lady Kate the Documentary

This film is about a female truck driver from Bournemouth and her mission to fulfill a promise she made to her younger daughter. This is a heartfelt and emotional documentary and deals with the loss of life in tragic circumstances. Created by Sacha Clayton.



I have helped her a few times when I was in the UK, now abroad still helping my friend out by sharing this video and her story.

Thank you



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I need help selling my photographs,

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2nd Signature Series Landscape Theme

This is my Second series of my signature series of prints They are 5″x 7″ and are on the theme of “Landscapes”

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Festivals around Asia

The various festivals around Asia for their New years, Full moons etc are very colourful and amazing.

The Chinese new year is all about lanterns decorating the whole town, where as the Holi , festival for their new year in Nepal and India is one of colourful powder and drums that provide the rhythm for the day and in my opinion one of the most friendliest I have been to.

Then the 5 days of Diwali in Nepal and India is one of beautiful lights and Mandles that are made by hand to welcome the good spirits in the house for the coming year.

The full moon festival in Hoi An which happens every full moon. The town turns off the main white street lamps and the town is turned into a fantasy paradise for once a month (approx),.  Every other day the lanterns are on from dusk to around 10.30pm.

All photographs are for sale to be used in magazines and I can provide up to 500 words to go with them, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

There are many more photographs on my web site and I invite you to have a look around and contact me if you have any questions.

Chinese New Year, Penang, Malaysia

Gallery of Images:


Holi, Nepal

Gallery of Images:

Diwali, Nepal

Gallery of Images:

Lanterns of Hoi An, Vietnam (at full moon)

Gallery of Images:


Plastic Post-Apocalyptic

The other day I mused about the things I have read in particular that we will have more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050 according to the reports. However the oil companies want to produce 40% more plastic in the next 10 years (madness as we are trying to get rid of it), this means that the above statement of more plastic than fish in the sea will reduce probably by 8-10 years. This is now a scary thought. The year is now 2040 ish.

So If the fish stocks are not enough to sustain life this is a serious hole in our food chain and those 30 -40 years will dispensary in a blink of any eye (1 generation). So of the fish stock die, we start to die to to the lack of one major food source, plus all the contamination of plastics in the general food chain, so we are dying out at a faster rate than is what could be considered “normal”.

So what happens when life on earth does not exist as we know it today? Well this series of photographs I did the other day, may look odd, but in a Plastic Post-Apocalyptic world, who is there to take care of the buildings if we are not here?. This is where nature starts to reclaim the earth as it’s own and over time probably 500-1000 years will look beautiful again as man kind has not been there to ruin a beautiful planet.

So please think before your use plastic in your every day life, as this Plastic Post-Apocalyptic effect could come sooner than you expect if we go on as we are today.

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