Plastics and Jelly fish in the Ocean

I have just had a short walk via a marina in Sri Lanka, but this could any marina around the world. I looked at the water and initially saw some fish, then the small jellyfish, but then looking a little deeper I saw the sad realization that the area had plastic and other debris in it, polystyrene, glass bottles, bottle caps etc. Now, I know there are turtles in this area as there is a small sanctuary on Lavinda beach not to far from where I was standing.

As turtle’s eat jelly fish, but when they look exactly like a white plastic bag, then we have problems. I can see in my minds eye the turtle eating this plastic stuff that mankind put in the water either by accident or deliberately I do not care. Plastic is not fish, turtle or anyone’s food, well would you eat a plastic bag?, Thought not.

The turtle will die eventually, so would we if we keep eating contaminated food.

So why does our sea life eat them, because it looks like food to them.

These photographs I took made me sad and we really have to stop using plastic bags in our lives, in reality we do not need them, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Lets get using the alternatives NOW.

Our Grandparents did not use plastic bags, so why do we have to? Clean out our drawers, cupboards under the sink etc and dispose of those plastic bags ASAP in the correct manner. Why not take them back to the supermarket and get them to dispose of them correctly, after all it is them who are responsible for giving them to us in the billions.

To all you supermarkets, there is no excuse now, stop giving them away or charging for them. Do something else than what the government tells you to do for the sake of the environment and your children’s future on this planet as we are suffering now, just think what your children’s future looks like if we do NOT do anything now.

I wonder which supermarket will be the first to do something different on this front?.

Take them off your inventory list and never order them again. Introduce better ways to carry out shopping home. Force us to do so. Even those plastic bags for life are no good, we want bags that are made to last that do not come out of plastic derived in any form. They are out there, you have to source them for us at a reasonable cost you can do it, you have the teams in place to actually do this, so why are you not doing this?



My wave photographs is being used by “the Image” on their main web page

I am please to announce that the web site “the image will be displaying this photo of mine on their front page of the web site.  As of Tomorrow – Sunday 8th September 2013

Wave from Nice, France Copyright Michael Crawford-Hick

Wave from Nice, France Copyright Michael Crawford-Hick

Click the link here to go direct to the wave photograph on the web site –

You can find more of my wave images at and search for “waves, Nice, France or you can see a more extensive collection of my photographs at where I showcase around 3000 images from the places I have been recently.

Enjoy and please forward to anyone who might be interested in seeing the photographs



Photographs for sale

So this is an update to the last entry, as I may be inundated with emails about the potential prices of photographs I am trying to sell to help me get into some proper accommodation and to raise some money for the homeless people of Bournemouth, Dorset area so I can buy them food and clothing.

The photographs can be found at

print size                  £ Your Cost                                £ Donation for the homeless

6″ x 4″                     £5 ea                                            £1.50 per print

7″ x 5″                    £ 8 ea                                            £3 per print

A4 – (12″ x 8″)       £ 20 ea                                           £ 6 per print

A3 – (12″ x 18″)    £ 30 ea                                            £ 9 per print

Please note postage is extra

UK £ 3.00, ROW £ 5.00 this is for first class post or airmail

Print finishes is Semi Gloss / Semi Matt depending on the sizes ordered

Payment is via PayPal only at present to

Other sizes and finishes, etc are available upon request, please contact me for a quotation.  Also electronic usages are available, please contact me for prices.

The copyright of the photographs are copyright Michael Crawford-Hick and are NOT transferable under any circumstances, by buying a print this does not give you any right to make copies in any format and distribute them either for free or charge for them.

Print sizes are approx and may vary, All prints are made to order, I do not hold stock, so they are classed as a custom order and cannot be returned unless damaged in transit, (If this is the case please contact me by email and please keep the packaging as I will require a photograph of the damage to issue a replacement, please do not return the print to me , BUT email me the details).

I will list what I have done with this donation money e.g. purchased clothing, food etc, receipts will be posted where applicable.

Any questions Please contact me via this blog or directly on

Thank you


Water and Wave Photographs

UI have been meaning to do this for a while now as I needed to seperate my water and wave photographs from all my usual photography, so here is the new gallery and I will be adding some new ones very soon.



p.s. I can supply these as prints or electronic versions as required, but tehy are not free, please contact me for a quotation if you wish to use them or have a great print on your home or office wall.  I will ship worldwide.

Melaka Hari Ini


I have been featured in a local Malaka English Section of the news paper, the actual copies are of the newspaper below.

Go to pages 12-13 for an interactive version on this link

I wonder what will come of this if anything,


Permission required to have fun and relax

When you arrange a trip of say 6-12 months or more i.e. you are dropping out of mainstream life and going to alone or with a partner to visit the big wide world. All the guidebooks and web sites, tell you what you can you, e.g. this activity, OH you must visit this place and so on.

What they do not tell you is that you are allowed to relax and have fun, e.g. days off from sight seeing, and all the activities of a new country can offer.  This was a dilemma that presented to me around the 2nd week into this trip, I had flown into Bangkok, and hoped to ease myself into Asia culture slowly etc, for a week I did this, but I knew this was a stopping off point only.  I wanted to go to Phuket and go to the beach.  I arrived there no problem, found a few things that I needed etc.

Then I decided to explore the different beaches along the coast, now according to the map it looked around 3km from Patong to Karon beach, I said no problem I easily walk that, so headed off in the general direction, hoping for some signs to the beach.  I had been walking for around an hour on what I was thinking was the correct road, but I think I was getting lost at that stage, then around 2 hours I said I have to stop, ask for directions etc, I saw the road going from made up (tarmac) to a dirt track, this did not look like the main road – then I knew I was on the wrong road or was I?.  A few more minutes walk and I came across a resort called “Paradise beach and restaurant” I asked how I could get back to Patong, she said a 400 baht taxi ride now or a 100 baht lift at 4pm.  I could enter this area for 100 baht and that was for a sun bed on the beach, at that point I was very hot sweating, and did not want to go even for a taxi ride back. I needed a rest.  So I paid the 100 baht for the chair and went in, got a drink and laid down on the chair, but within 15 minutes I was starting to get restless (not used to relaxing) and then decided to go for a swim to cool off.

Came back to the chair and tried to relax, quite hard for me, but after I had a beer, I was thinking, why cannot I not relax and enjoy this beautiful cove here in Thailand? its warm +30 deg C, I am on a wonderful beach, sipping a beer under a palm tree and my friends are back in the UK and Europe freezing and I have at least another 4 months of this, so why cannot I relax.  The answer did not come immediately, but just after lunch, as I headed back for an afternoon snooze.

The answer was not 42, but I had not given myself personal permission to relax, and enjoy the surroundings, I was still thinking that I had a job, life to go back to in a few weeks, but that was so far from the reality, I was kidding myself.  I had left my job, life back in Europe and the UK when I flew out of London on January 1st on this new adventure.

So sitting there watching the world go by in front of me, I eventually said, what the heck I give myself permission to enjoy these surroundings, it took me until around 3pm to work this one out, so only had a relaxing time of 1 hour on this beach before I headed back to Patong.

However the days that followed when I went to a beach, or sit on a hill side, I have slowly learnt to sit and do nothing for a few hours, I still feel this is a guilty pleasure and I should not be doing it at times, even after 15 months away.  I need to do something, but it is OK to do absolutely nothing e.g. sit on a beach or hill and think about nothing, just let your mind wander and see what pops up, it might just surprise you.

So just give your self permission in every day life to take time off from those hectic days, you need a physical and mental break for a few hours per week to recharge your body, life and soul – just remember to turn off those mobile phones, otherwise you will not relax for those few hours.

Enjoy the switch off from normal life.  Give yourself permission to relax and have fun.

Photos from the beach/cove ( more photographs of other places I have visited, please visit

Dropping out of main stream life

A friend of mine made this statement last night

“It is so great that you have managed to travel for so long”

My reply to her was

me traveling for so long?, well it was a 5 month trip initially, now it is the start of month 15.  things get a little scary on the finances from time to time, this being one of those times, I know it will work itself out just in time to pay a bill etc.  It seemed to have worked for the past 5 years, as I have not really worried about money to much so far, but this week is a teaser and is frustrating me a bit, as I have things to come to me (money) but they are stuck in various systems and I am not getting the answers I need.  That’s enough of that.  I would like to do more traveling now, as I have been stuck in the place for too long, hopefully something will turn up soon, so I can move on to say Malacca (7 hrs from here).

Once you take yourself out of main stream life e.g. Job, fixed house, fixed friends, it’s amazing what happens, you get new friends, meet great people, eat good food, see new things and enjoy life.  I have an invite from a friend of mine Sofia a Danish woman who is fun, and I may be traveling with her across the Australian outback later this year or early next year.

That’s what happens when you drop out of main stream life you forget about the 9-5 routine, the traffic jams, the paying of bills, the only thing you have to think about is yourself, what food you will have today, accommodation and where and what to do that day.  There is no one telling you what to do, e.g. go there do this and I want it by tonight.  No over time, if you want to sleep in or gt up early that’s YOUR choice.

If you stay in a backpackers style hostel, there are always people around, I have met people for just a few hours, and some a couple of weeks, some remain friends, some disappear into the world somewhere.  Best thing is ask around the place you are staying for places to eat, and quite often you will get to go out to supper with new people every night if you want to, no more dinner for one, unless you really want to do that.

So the hardest thing for anyone looking at a trip this long, is making that initial break from main stream society, going out of your comfort zone and into the unknown – Yes it scary, but fun, I do not think I could work another 9-5 job again, Monday to Friday except to earn some money for a trip to somewhere else – I have the travel bug and you cannot get rid of this one with pills, lotions or any other method only traveling cures this one.

If you want to see a what it’s like as a backpacker , or world traveler then look this up

Enjoy, as this is my 100th Blog Post Great mile stone for me

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