A few weird items in the Botanical Gardens from the Vivid Sydney 2017

A little collection of Weird items found in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney tonight for Sydney Vivid and the Eye follows you around as you walk around it. Quite Strange




The image file is using ANOTHER photo of mine on their main Page :)

I am please to announce that the web site “the image file.com will be displaying this photo of mine on their front page of the web site.  As of Tomorrow – 19th September

This is the 2nd one this month, to say I am please and excited is an understatement!


Painted houses on the River , Melaka, Malaysia,

Painted houses on the River , Melaka, Malaysia,

River and the Painted Houses , Melaka Malaysia ,Copyright Michael Crawford-Hick

Click the link here to go direct to the wave photograph on the web site –


You can find more of my Malaysia images at www.theimagefile.com and search for Melaka, Kuala Lumpur or Penang, or you can see a more extensive collection of my photographs at www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com where I showcase around 3000 images from the places I have been recently.

Enjoy and please forward to anyone who might be interested in seeing the photographs


Michael 🙂

Camera Shops – Where are they?

I miss local camera shops, we used to have 6-8 in the Bournemouth area, we now have 1 pro (always too expensive – more than London prices) and one other main camera shop that used to be good, but now hardly stocks anything really photographic. I want to go and browse these stores and look for new ideas and equipment – but sadly the nearest one to me is 30 miles away – This is doing a disservice to the whole photographic Industry and the 2nd hand market.

I even went to London around a month ago for other things and went by the local camera shops that were in London, they have all gone, and I always liked the 2nd hand shop in Tottenham Court road – Gone!

What is the solution? I could open up a camera shop, but it would set me back in the region of £150K with no guarantees and I do not have that kind of money anyway. There is probably a market for a real old fashioned camera shop with knowledgeable staff who love photography. It’s a shame that Jessops brought up all those small independent shops over the last 10-15 years or so.

Sorry my rant for today on photography things, as I have had to order 3 items from 2 separate companies today, where as normally I would have walked into town and purchased it locally today, and I could play this weekend, but no I have to wait for up to 5-7 days to get my goods and I had to pay 2 separate postage charges on top of the item price.

Had I been able to do this locally, then I may have purchased some other items on impulse as I used to use when I went into a camera shop.  I remember when I went to one in London a few years back with the intention of spending around £5-6 on one item, well that went out of the window and eventually I paid around £90 for 6-7 items – talk about impulse buying – but I did use all those items over the next few months so it was not wasted money on things I did not need or want.

People say we get a better deal online, but I beg to differ, as I cannot make an informed choice about the item I want, the camera shop may have a cheaper or more expensive item, but when I touch it, it is better than my original item I needed?.  I cannot get that feel from seeing a description and photo of it in a brochure or online.  I do not know if its right for me.  I also want to discuss it with a sales assistant and get more info out of them about the item, seeing if I am making the right decision what ever the photographic item is.

Not a good day for photography – I want more local camera shops please universe!

Save the Sea book

I just have to write and tell you about the book that a friend of mine in Chile has written.

It is aimed at children and is a story of under sea creatures that help clean up our oceans, this is one story book I would want in print to give away.  But you can download it as a pdf Free to your computer.

The book can be found at http://www.ocean-of-trash.blogspot.com/ .

It is available in English and Spanish.

Please go and read it, well worth the time to save our oceans.

Off to Malacca, Malaysia later this week

Well I am starting a new direction once I get to Malacca around 7 hours from Penang.  I have been told that the place is full of galleries (exactly what I do not know yet), plenty of weekend visitors if I get an exhibition pf my photographs there.

I also have been given a name of a person to contact who might introduce me to the “artist expat secene”.  I am looking forward to seeing some new people, sample some different food and of course taking lots of new photographs, and there may be a series in Black and White – so watch this space for that.

I do like Penang, but it’s now time to move on and see something different, I have been here too long and need a change.

I will hopefully be there for the end of the week all going well, I will keep you posted.

Bye for now



The most difficult picture I have ever taken was _______.

Nikon Posted this on my Facebook page and my answer is below:-

Q. The most difficult picture I have ever taken was _______.

A. Homeless people on the street, cannot seem to bring myself to it quite yet, perhaps on b/w film fixed 50mm lens doing it old school – you do not know what you have until you develop the film, the anticipation was sometimes unbearable!!

However I need to give something back to these people in return e.g. food, or something they really need  – not sure how I am going to approach this yet.  However this is a black and white film project and not digital.  Now I need to go and get that film camera, 50mm lens, some film and developing stuff then I can approach this I think from the right perspective following in the foot steps of a friend (Jim Baron) who did amazing street photography with his Leica and a 28mm lens almost all done covertly.  They were amazing 20″ x 16″ prints – he is sadly missed.

A Quick Sample of his work, I found I cannot get the real work I would like to show you, I will tr for more tomorrow as I have to go through 365 online photos one by one and not in a nice neat order as they used to be kept, I will then update this page with some new links to his work and mine for this project we did as a group in 1999 called Countdown 2000.

Jim Baron’s Work