A few weird items in the Botanical Gardens from the Vivid Sydney 2017

A little collection of Weird items found in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney tonight for Sydney Vivid and the Eye follows you around as you walk around it. Quite Strange




Taronga Zoo

OK wild animals are in this post so be careful as you navigate through it.!

Taronga zoo is a place that actually looks after animals and is a not for profit and is heavily into conversation for all sorts of animals around the world.

The displays of these amazing illuminated animals come alive when the sun has set and the lights come on.  I was getting lessons of animal inditifaction, as the excited children shout out the name of a new animal to their respective parents as they go around the zoo.

The link to the Zoo is below


Enjoy some of the animals, I have only uploaded a few on this blog the rest will be uploaded very shortly to https://500px.com/mchphoto2015

Maldives paradise or Dumping ground

Maldives paradise or Dumping ground

Please read this article and lets do something about it please before its too late


Please down load this book and give away to everybody


Thank you


Las Piñas deploys ‘anti-plastic pulis’ to assist in environmental drive

At least there is ONE government who trying to stop the dumping of plastics and styrofoam etc – WELL DONE Philippines

Now let get other governments to do the same, and lets hope it works!!



plastics and the Ocean

Please see this page it’s disheartening to see these animals in distress

Lets do somethingabout it, please world –

Get rid of palstic – we never used to need it in the quantities we do now