NYPD Police Officer’s Random Act of Kindness

This is how we should all be, please take note from this Police officer actions, it’s worth reading and please help me to help the homeless in the Bournemouth, Dorset, UK as today there was a little frost for the first time and there are around 100 people in the Bournemouth area living on the streets.  My personal estimated number, this figure is probably a lot higher probably nearer 200 plus


If you wish to help, please contact me as I need money to buy clothes for the homeless in the form of socks, jumpers, hats, scarfs as well as food at a local centre who feeds these guys twice a week, I am giving up my Christmas Day to help them – what are you doing?

Please donate via paypal to this address  bournemouthhomeless@yahoo.com , please give it as a gift so I do not get the Paypal charges – Sterling or US Dollars

Think of the donation as an extra £10 or $10 christmas present, that will bring a smile to these people faces when they get some warm clothing etc This is priceless and words cannot express it.

Thank you


p.s. I am not a charity, just a person who has been homeless and know what these guys are going through from 1st hand experience and just want to give back to them.  My blog here explains all if you want to re-read about my experiences and it was not pleasant at time, sleeping out at night, I am grateful for a series of events that got me off the streets before the rain and bad weather started to arrive in the UK.


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