My presence is requested in San Francisco

Hello readers

Ok, I have had this request from a friend, it is relation to her writing a book and I asked her where do I get a copy, her reply was “Get your ass over to San Francisco and I will give you a copy”.  This is not her usual response to me, and I know I have been promising to go and see here ever since an all to brief visit in 2009 after our first meeting in late October 2008.  We have many emails and online chats, so we sort of know each other quite well

The problem is I am in Malaysia looking for work in Singapore, as I have had a 5 month holiday that turned into a 16 month adventure and it is time I go back to work in some context to earn some money like regular people.

I need around $2000 dollars for airfare, accommodation, food etc for around 3-4 weeks.  I am looking at ways of raising this money.  Before you say anything I have sold everything (cameras, laptops etc) I can just to pay for food and accommodation here in Asia already.

Yes, she is worth much more than the $2000 I am putting in the universe arena to get and see her.  I cannot put a figure on that, but I have had this feeling that I will should be doing things in my beloved San Francisco, that feeling I have had since I first visited in 1988.  Yes the song “I left my heart in San Francisco” really does mean that, mine is there, I just have to find a way to get there and realize my destiny.  I cannot say too much here, as I am not exactly sure what was behind this comment.  However she has asked me many times “when are you coming stateside” (as I usually reside in France, I am British), more times that I care to think about.  Perhaps I was just missing the point – Yes us men are stupid in seeing these tiny signals things you women give out, why cannot you be a tiny bit more direct, we would less arguments this way.

One way is to sell my domains:-

I have some domain names for sale on previous posts e.g.,,

I am willing to take an offer on any of these domains – just email me a sensible offer and not etisybot values as these are dire for almost all domains, as they have been valued from 0 to 28,000 usd over the past 6 months or so, with different online valuations search engines.

Or is there a person willing to just give me $2000 to see if I can find my destiny in San Francisco (I can give you some prints from my work in return)

If she really needs me out there and if the universe is willing and able I am sure I will get the money in the nick of time before I really need to be there.  I really want to go, but it’s all about the money!! – Ok its a small thing, but to me it’s a lot of money, if earning, no problem, but I am not earning and need to get there ASAP.

Anyone out there who could help me?



P.s. Donations an be sent to my paypal address all contributions however small are most welcomed.


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