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While putting these domains up for sale I have done some online research to find out their value.  I tried around 8 different online valuation engines and they came up with values of 0 to around 28,000 US dollars – why the big difference your guess is as good as mine.  I know they will use various links, back links and how they actually come up with the figure is pure science.

If you take etisybot which a lot of people use, they came out with the lowest value – I even tried valuating on that it came up with 25K Dollars – well below what it is worth, as its a trillion dollar company.

So what is the right value of a domain name, something that someone will pay for it like that sold for around 25 million USD .  I had hoped that the people looking at my domains look at the actual name in depth and how it could enhance their online present and does it actually add value to the company and not just an online search engine valuation with no real science to its background a bit like a 2nd hand car or house, it is really necessary to pay 250K for a house that actually cost around 100K to build? – a very big profit margin

So my domains for sale are as follows, and are my valuations with a little guidance from the online estimated valuing calculators and not taking into account the Zero valuations that some gave.

I have the following domain names for sale (8000 pounds Sterling) (1500 pounds Sterling) ** (1200 pounds Sterling)** (150 pounds Sterling)

Note ** items when sold 10% will be given to a UK based Charity


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