Skydiving Adventure Package

Hello all

Firstly I have to thank you all who voted for me, I had around 50 in total, but the winner Channel had over 700.  So I did not win 😦  BUT there is more…….

I made this decision just after I had posted the competition on line, and I said why not do it anyway, so that’s the plan, sometime later this year, I will do the skydive jump for charity.  I have to select a venue and country and of course get there.  I have even had a friend who would do this with me, so there is an incentive for me to do it.

So watch this space for details of when and where I will be doing this.

You can Donate here

ITEM FOR SALE 10% to Youth Cancer Trust
On another note I have a domain called and I am selling this at £1200 or near offer with 10% going of the final sale value going to this cancer charity upon completion of its sale.
Please tell all your friends to make me an offer for this domain, so the charity can continue its fantastic work.  I know Brenda and Jim will appreciate any help with any extra funds anyway, and their wish list can be found at   Can you help them with a donation anyway?
Calendar’s for Youth Cancer Trust
I will also be producing a desk top calendar for them this year, as I have done it before and I raise around £125 in that year, once Youth Cancer Trust has made a decision on its theme / photographs of the calendar, it will be done.  However I need someone to help me with the printing and postage costs of this calendar approx £150, so they can sell them at around £7 each and profit from that whole sum of money. See this link as regards the calendars


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