Tornadoes and the destruction in Indiana, USA

I am sadden to see the trail of destruction and the loss of life that these Tornadoes do, while reading the various news articles, then it came to mind of a TV series “Sting Ray” made in the late 60’s to early 70″ if do not know it please look it up on YouTube.

It’s not about the puppets etc, that I am going to refer to, but when ever there was an “emergency” they took the houses and apartment complexes underground and this got me thinking.

Why cannot some of the houses in the most vulnerable areas be built like that?  You may say it’s impossible, but I believe it is possible.  If you look at the underground garage lifts that are being built, to house these expensive cars and save space, then why cannot a lift system be built to accommodate a house?

So when a tornado is approaching the house is lowered to below ground level, then a flat roof of some kind) covers the house like a lid on the box.  The wind and tornado can then pass over head, and when it has passed, the owner may need to remove any debris from the flat roof area and once that is done, open the roof and bring up the house again – So the house is left undamaged.

It may sound a little far fetched, but the technology is out there to do this.  A house cannot be that heavy, as some of the wooden timber houses have been moved around town on low loaders for the short distance.  With today’s technology and hydraulics systems this could be come a reality.  Yes there will be a cost involved, but it would be cheaper than replacing / repairing the house a few times over a 10/20 year period.  Also when you go away on vacation, just put the house into the ground, this can prevent burglary, and other willful damage to an unoccupied house.

The only way I can see this done cost effectively is on new builds or perhaps timber frame houses that can easily be taken off their foundations and then the large pit under ground built and then the house rebuilt.

So am I crazy or not?

Here are a couple of links to various companies who offer car systems, they just have to be modified to accommodate the size and weight of a timber frame house.


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