Skydiving Adventure Contest

I need your online support between now and the 12th March 2012.

A few weeks ago, I emailed Lesley of the Bucket List Publications blog, as there is a competition to win a skydiving experience in San Diego, California.  (I follow her blog).

I sent off a short email saying why I want to do it and in reality there are 2 reasons:

I have a 50th Birthday in March coming up, in reality it scares me both the 50th and the skydiving jump, but, would like to raise some money for a cancer charity back in the UK with people sponsoring me – so I would have to do the jump!

I have lost 4 friends to various cancers and the least I can do is give young kids a holiday, so for a short time they can their mind off this horrible illness.

This morning Sunday 26th February, I received an email from Lesley saying I had been selected for the final 15 out over 200 who had applied – I was ecstatic and scared for the above reasons.

But life goes on and I really want this to happen, so this is where YOU can help me out, I need votes, lots of them on all levels of social media Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Stumble upon, etc you have to go to the web site and vote for me as on many social media’s as possible as listed on the voting web site, as the person with the most votes will win the adventure.

PLEASE Start Voting for me from NOW

You can vote until the 12th March, you will get reminders from me over the next 2 weeks, about voting.

Please could you tell all your friends, family and relatives, in fact everyone you know, post this on your Facebook wall, Tweet it encourage them to vote for me, as I have 2 reasons to do this jump!

The charity I will be doing this for if selected is 

If I am the lucky winner, I will be asking for sponsorships & donations to be made direct to the charity.

I have now set up a web page to accept donations direct to the charity and not me as I am in another country at present, so it would be difficult to receive donations here in Malaysia.  Also this web page sorts out the extra money from the government if you are a UK tax payer.

Please click on the link below to donate to Youth Cancer Trust for my Skydive adventure.  Even if I do not win I will fund it myself, and do it anyway.

Original reason for this skydive, please see this link please

ITEM FOR SALE 10% to Youth Cancer Trust

On another note I have a domain called and I am selling this at £1200 or near offer with 10% going of the final sale value going to this cancer charity upon completion of its sale.  As proceeds from this sale will also be used to fund me getting to San Diego if I win.

Please tell all your friends to make me an offer for this domain, so the charity can continue its fantastic work.  I know Brenda and Jim will appreciate any help with any extra funds anyway, and their wish list can be found at   Can you help them with a donation anyway?

Calendar’s for Youth Cancer Trust

I will also be producing a desk top calendar for them this year, as I have done it before and I raise around £125 in that year, once Youth Cancer Trust has made a decision on its theme / photographs of the calendar, it will be done.  However I need someone to help me with the printing and postage costs of this calendar approx £150, so they can sell them at around £7 each and profit from that whole sum of money. See this link as regards the calendars

I hope to hear from you all soon and see my votes steadily increase throughout the coming days.




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