Photography – Old School Part 2

After I had written the last post last, I could not sleep, so started to look up various photographic web sites of dark room equipment, film, papers and more.  A flood of memories came back to me of those long evening messing around ummm making photographic prints in the darkroom.  No computers crashed, it was serene and calm well most of the time.

So digging into the supplies for Malaysia, I thought it was going to be hard to find supplies like 5″ x 4″ sheet film, film and paper developers and fixers etc.  By chance I found a company with a great web site based in Selangor called, who does mail order for all the items I need.  Hooray!.  When I come back from a trip to possibly France and the UK, I will place an order for all that I need.

So it looks like later this year I will be again playing with my black and white films once again.  Which is good news for me as I have missed it a lot over the past 10 years. I also looked into enlargers both in the UK and Malaysia, I know there is a De Vere/ De Vere 504 5×4 Enlarger Large Format Colour 5 x 4 for sale at the moment is prices at £155, a great price for this enlarger, but totally in the wrong place in the world, as it would cost a fortune to ship, as his one is very heavy, but there are similar ones available in Malaysia, so that should not be a problem when I go looking for one.

On another note I looked into getting a second hand film camera Grays of Westminster has a Nikon F90 for £65 and a 50mm F1.8 fixed lens for £80-109 (second hand to new), I think I will be paying them a visit if I get to the UK and maybe buy one, not sure yet, but I think I will depending on what there is in their stock when i get there hopefully in March sometime.

Then of course if I am into black and white again e.g. Then a visit to Silverprint near Southwark and London Bridge Tube stations is a must, as they have all the other misc accessories I need to complete the set up.  However I need to be careful in this shop – Why? I hear you ask, well every time I go into them, I usually go for 1 thing costing say £15, and typically come out with a lot more than I had anticipated and the bill is nearer £100, oops.

I am so looking forward to getting back in to the smell of film, the feel and the quality of black and white printing compared to the digital inkjet we have now.  I am not saying anything is wrong with what we do with digital is bad, but once you see a correctly printed black and white print from a black and white negative – you will see a difference that is really apparent.

So watch this space for more details of my exploits in to the realm of Black and White photograph in the near future.


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