Energy Saving Halogens???

OK, as an electrician I have fitted many hundred of these in homes, and to see that they want to ban them, replace them with energy efficient versions, I say NO.

For a number of reasons

  • They cost more
  • The light is not the same both in output and colour temperature i.e. they will not be this mice warm orange glow, but a horrible white, blue or green light that fluorescent give out.
  • If they are a fluorescent version the existing dimmer will NOT work and all of my client have paid for dimmer that are now useless.  There are alternatives, but they are VERY expensive and only work with a few types of “energy Saving bulbs ” in the whole range on the shelf, so in short useless expense.
  • florescent versions Do NOT WORK AT 12 V they need min 100 Volts, so all the wiring will have to change, so will these bulbs have step up transformer in them, plus all the electronics???
  • It will destroy the “mood” that these halogen lights give out, houses will have to be redesigned in the terms of lighting now.

It seems using a sledge hammer to crack a walnut type scenario and has to stop.

Yes I am interested in saving energy as the next person, but do what I was told as a kid, if you go out of the room and may not come back “TURN THE LIGHT OFF” as my mother would shout down the hall when I usually left the bathroom – I got the message.

Also another way to save money on electrics, is take that phone charger out of the wall or turn the switch off when it is not charging the phone, this can save you up to £1 per week, every week per phone, so if you have 2 phones per household that over £100 saved per year.

Turn off the TV at the switch NOT the standby button, as the TV takes around 50-75% of the power compared to switch one, this goes for the Hi Fi as well.

When will these government stop meddling in this small scale “energy saving” initiatives and look to the larger picture.

Just one last thought I was doing some calculations on a back up generator scenarios for power cuts in a rural part of the country and I got some energy saving bulbs to look up their wattage, so an 11 watt bulb OK, but wait why does it draw 60 ma? more calculations and Yes the bulb takes 11 watts, but the electronics inside take another 10-11 wats, making this bulb in fact draw 22 watts of electricity, and it replaces a 40 watt bulb and you need at least 2 of these to get the same light, mmm this calculated at 44 wats, and the old one only took 40 watts, mmmm who is getting their calculations wrong here? 


So in conclusion it takes 4 watts more to make the same light, costs us more to buy the bulbs and really does not help the environment in any way, there will be more CO2 gasses etc. 


here’s the link to the newspaper article that spurred this little blog entry–alternative-costs-times-more.html


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