Rubbish-its all rubbish

Following on from my last blog entry, the photographs in the gallery below have been taken on Koh Samui, and the water inlet of Penang, Malaysia, I was horrified to see the level of plastics, foam etc in the water and swept up onto the beach for wildlife to get tangled in.  Doesn’t anyone care about this horrible mess on our coast line?

I was on Bamboo island just off the Island of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand and this notice was there on the beach, the full text is shown below, and its horrifying that there is a lot of plastic on all the beaches around this area, and yet, do people take notice, I do not think so. I have seen the mess around the place, but not photographed it, but I will start doing so, as the world needs to wake up to this horrible practice of not disposing of rubbish correctly

What can we do expect educated people and get rid of the unnecessary plastic in our lives and go back around 25 + years just before plastic really came to the front and used reusable things e.g. Bags, glass containers, returnable bottles etc, OK we seem to be going that way now, but who thought it was a good idea to offer plastic bags to the customers at the supermarkets (for free) for our shopping when we used to use the boxes that the food came into the shop in and our own cloth and reusable bags.  There was not a lot of plastic when I used to go shopping with my mum on every Saturday, we used the boxes the supermarkets now throw away (OK recycle for money for them)


Why do we need all this packaging when we get a product, it never used to be there, so why is it now?

What this poster says is

How long does litter take to rot away?

Paper 2-5 months                           Paper cup 5 years

Cigarette Butt 12 years                  Plastic bag 6 months to 450 years

Plastic Rope 30-40 years                Alumium can 80-100 years


Full resolution images can be found at!i=1695600094&k=7sjjX7Q

All photographs are copyright Michael Crawford-Hick


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