Thaipusam 6-8th February 2012 – Penang, Malaysia

Hi All

Just a short note to say I am going to this event to take photographs of the proceedings on 2-3 days, it is happening here in Penang, Malaysia.

1st Day there is the Coconut smashing

2nd Day the link should explain this better than me, but it’s not for the squeamish you have been warned!

3rd Day not sure what is happening on that day, as there are currently no references that I can find

Wikipedia explanation of the festival


If you want any photography from this event, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Please note the photographs are NOT free, there will be a charge that will need to be paid if you want to use them online, printed or any other form, you will be able to get them direct from my web site at where you will be able to download them for prints and digital versions after paying a fee, by paying this fee you do NOT own the copyright and cannot claim this under any circumstances.  They will be taken on a Nikon DSLR with VR2 lenses, so they are high quality, corrected and captioned images.

For newspapers and magazines you can download them from the following site commercial service an exact link will be provided once they have been uploaded


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