Happy New Year

So Happy New Year, but as I write this post the first for 2012, I am on the other side of the world (e.g. Asia), which means for me its morning on the 1st January almost 9am and my New years eve is done and dusted.  But for my friends in the UK they are probably still partying the night away, whilst my friends in America and Canada at this time are getting ready to go out for their new years celebrations.

Of course I know of the time zones etc, but this year is the first that I have had my new year before everybody else, seem a little odd, that my friend Lauren in America is thinking about getting ready to go out now as it around 9pm her time and for me I am going to get breakfast very soon.

There again my friend Marsha in Sydney had her new years celebrations about an hour or two ahead of me.

OK that’s my weird thought for New Years Day, and just in case you are wondering currently in Koh Samui, Thailand its overcast and around 30 Deg C, with broken cloud.

Enjoy 2012




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