Fireworks and Earth Quakes

Last night the amount of fireworks that were let off from around 10pm till 12.30 am with the most being at Midnight as it was new Years Eve.  Made me wonder what the people who monitor earth quakes saw last night on their  seismographs as the ground was being shaken with the loud explosions of the fireworks being let off.

I have been in 3 earth quakes in California 3.9, 4.1 and 7.1 and they were more a gentle rolling of the ground, but these fireworks, actually made the ground shake violently, I wondered if there could be any underlying structural damage to fragile buildings as I have never heard or seen this amount of fireworks for an almost continuous 2 1/2 hours, perhaps in the future when you dig down to do that extra work or investigation to why there is some damp or other problems will you attribute the potential problem to prolonged firework explosions on New Years Eve?

Bet you will not think of that, I think the Insurance company might have done so,


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