People on Round the world trips

I am currently in a hostel near a party town in Thailand, what I have noticed is the amount of time that is wasted, by being wasted from all the drinking and partying of the previous night out.

This got me thinking lets assume Person A is on a year around the world, going to different countries, they are fresh out of University or are taking a Gap year before University, they plan on this trip around the world, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia etc and save and actually books the flights some hostels etc, so off they go on this big world-wide tour, now on the outward side of them they are planning to visit lots of places, see the culture, when in fact they are really planning a drink fest around the world – that they have  NOT told their parents, yes they would have guess they might have the odd party, but do they know how many parties they may be going to during this year?.

Remember when you are on a long trip like this EVERY DAY IS A SATURDAY. That means a party night every day of the week if their budget allows it.

I have come across people who party so hard, well drink too much when there don’t even wake until 2-3pm the next day, then they are so well hung over they just have enough energy to find the toilet and go back to bed for the rest of the day.  I have seen this happen almost every night.

So let’s have a look at a potential person who goes around the world for a year, to immerse themselves into the various cultures and learn something (he he)

So that is 52 weeks, say they party 2 times per week, and that they do not get up the next day due to them being hung over, that’s 104 days lost of their holiday or cultural immersion.  So what if these people are hard-core people and do 3 parties per week, I have seen it that’s 156 days of out 365 they are unfit to do anything the day after.  What a waste in my opinion – almost half a year being an unproductive or coherent person.

So when they get back home to where ever they can show photograph and tell tales to their parents and friends about some parties, and sights they have seen along the way, but I bet they do not really tell how many times they are hung over so much, they are totally useless the next day.

So what are the long-term effect of this on their daily life?

  • Their Liver will not thank them
  • Their health will suffer, If they continue drinking to the same extent when they come back, then
  • They will lose close friends
  • Jobs, career opportunities will pass them by
  • Their prospective employers will lose many unproductive hours as they are just not fit enough to work anywhere near normal capacity
  • Their bank balances will be low as they are spending too much money on booze and parties
  • Family life will suffer

Does it seem harsh?, I do not think so, as I have seen it at college, and work where people have come in after a heavy night and they do not see what they have done wrong.  They are paid to work, the employer might turn a blind eye a few times, but if it continues they will get the sack for just not being a productive member of the workforce or being a danger to others around them.  I have a person working with me and he was so hung over he came in at 11.30am instead of 8am, then he did very little work and actually slept at work for an hour or two.  Then at 5.30pm I told him to go home, and sleep it off, he looked at me and said “What?” I did tell him, you are useless here, so why are you here?, he could not answer that, mind you he could barely string 2 sentences together all day.  He did come in at 8 ish the next morning and did not say sorry in any context for his behavior, just thought it was OK to do.

The drinks industry and the retail shops have a lot to answer for selling cheap alcohol of all kinds, they do not care that much as long as their bank balances ae OK.  Yes they put a small disclaimer on a bottle saying drink responsibility, but they need to go further and the governments need to make this LAW and set a tax on low-cost alcohol drinks, that goes to the local Hospital, Police and various support groups, as just look at the reports about the A&E Depts of hospital being swamped by drunk related injuries and in some cases these have taken priority over real people needed treatment, before these self-inflicted injuries.

I think ALL employees should have breath test before they start work, as they walk in and clock on, here breath in, OK green you can work today, Amber, 1/2 pay docked and sent home, Red Instant dismissal.  I worked in a control room where I needed to be alert at all times of the day and as I was category A which was safety critical work, I could have had a blood and urine test at any time of the day, testing for drugs and alcohol, but during the 3 years I was on the front line, I never heard anyone on our shift pattern ever getting tested – something wrong here.  These tests should be paid for by the Drinks company from the above fund, as we would have a much more productive workforce and perhaps we can earn more money, for us and the company by being drug and alcohol free workforce.

People are no probably going to say my Human Rights have been affected by these tests, well we do not need alcohol to live, only water.  alcohol is a opt in drink, we do not have to have it, it’s not law saying we have to drink it, we can opt out, and still lead a very productive life without alcohol.  However with alcohol, do we lead a productive life? – I do not think so.

Life is to short to waste it on being hung over again and again every weekend!


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