Can you win with a person who has to have the last word?

I am having a conversation with someone verbally or written by email, as I used to speak to this person face to face, but they have moved away so it’s now on email.  They ask questions, make comments, then I respond with answers that are provable and correct, then I get an email back saying I did not ask for a maths lesson, when they in fact asked a question that was a maths problem.  Also I suggest something that needs doing before another thing which is more important than the other as it would stop the other things from happening on 2 levels, they say I must do the lesser thing that they have asked, and NOT to question the answer they already have decided despite it being the wrong one in everyone I talk to.

I cannot win with this person, as they are not open to ideas, or suggestions, their mind is closed to anything exepct their ideas and plans.  Yes this a boss of sorts and they think that the world resolves around them and no one else dares to speak, even to ask a question on how they want this thing done.

Also they have this very anoying habit of “they must have the last word” either verbally or written, they cannot see they are doing any wrong to all their friends around them.  In fact they are isolating themselves from potential close friends, as this person I can see only has 3 and 2 of them are there relatives.  It seems sad in a way that this individual is seperating theirselves from normal life, as people they meet see them as anoying and do not want to even invite them for coffee, as it would be a horrible hour as this person would not listen to any thing they said, but they need to listen to this anoying person for hours on end, and repeating themselves over and over again.  But being a polite society we put up with this – WHY?– OH that’s right they must be the centre of the universe and YOU must listen to them – OK this now sounds like a cult or something similar, but this is all about an individual in real life, that is why I am trying not to refer to the person as a he or she, but neutural person.

Does this sound like some one you know or have known?



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