Warning as storms set to move south In England

As I read the Daily mail online (today – Sunday), I read with interest that the snow, wind and rain storm that hit the Scotland earlier this week are heading south – well nothing new there…..  But, I looked at some of the comments on the story, and had one of my own and it related to Health and Safety.

So who is in charge of the wind, rain, snow then it is 3 separate departments, or is it one big department called Mother Nature, so I wonder due to all the health and safety regulations that surround us today, has it filed it’s paperwork e.g. risk assessment, and has it estimated how much damage it might do with the rain, snow and wind as it sweeps across the country.  Has it informed the met office of its path? speed, and what it might do along the way, like will it stop off for a Big Mac or similar burger on the way, what about fuel, petrol, OH of course the odd fence, hat, umbrellas that it might need during its stop or will it just keep going till it runs out of steam.  Mind you it could meet up with its smaller cousin along the way and make even more mayhem along its path, and has its cousin also filled in the paperwork as well – BET not.

So who will fine and take this mother nature to court to sue it for all it’s damage on the way, and how will it pay for it.mmmmm Don’t know on that one.  I bet there is someone in the local council or government that will have this particular job of taking Mother Nature to task after the event.  What would the headline in the paper be I wonder?


Quango Chief of Weather takes Mother Nature to court, and looses his hat along the way – Mother Nature to answer to the highest authority

Ok come up with some good Newspaper captions and I will publish the best







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