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Hello All

I have been chatting about how we are loosing the social interaction of Christmas on my blogs today, and thinking of what I have on my web sites e.g. My photographs, perhaps the internet is a necessary thing, as how else am I going to be on every high street in the world?.

Big corporations need to have this presence in order to survive, but me I can run my small home business from anywhere there is an internet connection and a good printing place for my photographs.

So what do I offer you? – Quite simple instead of giving a magazine subscription away as a present, why don’t you give someone a different print every month from a selection of themes, e.g. Water, Action Sports, Sailing, Flowers & Autumn, Abstracts  There must be a theme that will suit everyone out there. 

You can find this at

If not suggest one from my web site at and I will see what I can do.

So for me the internet is the my way to getting my photography out to a wide audience, without the cost of getting a shop on every high street in the land, this would cost me millions of Pounds, Dollars or Euros.

I can send this to people as a gift, or why not treat yourself to one of my images every month, it’s a easy way to collect Art photography on a small scale, you do not have to spend tens of thousands of pounds, dollars or Euros to get good art, I offer this at a much lower cost, just so I can get my work seen by everyone at a reasonable cost.

So come on over to and have a look, it might just be the present or gift you have been looking for, but untill now have not seen before.

Contact me if you have any questions, even to order a one off print as that perfect Christmas Present.



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