Christmas Shopping ??

Well how lazy have we got now, OK you have a computer and an internet connection, then from the comfort of our own home, we do all the Christmas shopping, now some if not all gifts can be purchased on line, but what about browsing the isles of items in a store, where has this experience gone now?

So why cannot the delivery people cope with this extra month of deliveries – cut backs, making cuts that actually hurt the customer with the non deliveries, OH of course we have to be in when they say they are going to deliver the item.  I wonder how many days are lost to non deliveries and people chasing up items that should have been delivered, when in reality it would have been quicker to get the item locally on the way home from work as we used to do it?

So has the personal touch of going out and choosing that present for the special person in your life gone?, we now just click on line and get an every day thing, that they probably do not want.  I used to get excited about Christmas, going a week or so before Christmas with a list and some ideas for extra presents, also getting those impulse items as you walk around a store.

Has this experience now gone because we have a computer and a internet connection?.

So what is it going to be like in 5, 10 or 20 years, if this home shopping comes of age, will ever use the high street again?, what about the sale bargians that are not always bargains?   Think about it, as the shops are saying the footfall traffic in the shops is down, but, what they do not say is that their sales of items on line are probably up.  So does one balance out the other?

Are we missing the social interaction of Christmas shopping, getting crushed in the crowds just before Christmas?.  I remember when I was growing up we weren’t even really allowed to speak about Christmas until the first advent candle was lit on Blue Peter (UK’s BBC Children Program) then we could make our list to Santa and decorations did not even go up till the week before Christmas, we are now bombarded with Christmas items in the shops as the kids are going back to School after the summer holidays.  (Check out Selfridges and Harrods Christmas promotions e.g. when they opened their Christmas departments).  So instead of getting excited for around 3-4 weeks around the Christmas period for 2-7 days, we are now in for a 3-4 month run up for less than one day as the boxing day sales start on line on Christmas day – don’t these shops ever give up?, this in my mind is getting a bit mad.

I remember of when we received money for christmas, we had to wait till the 27th Dec as no shops were really open on 25-26 Dec and most shut by 3-4pm on Christmas eve.  You might have found that one petrol store open on christmas morning biut only for a few short hours, then nothing for 2 days, so if you ran out of something – then Tuff, you had to go without.  Now the major shops are opening on christmas day – WHY is this necessary?  I thourght Christmas was a time for family and friends to gather round and eat drink and be merry. (apart from family argumnets as usual).  Also just read that Mac Donald’s are to open on Christmas day (rumored 60 stores), come on are you really going to get a big Mac for Christmas Dinner?

What is Christmas all about nowadays, in my opinion to line the pocket of the retailers and this means the actual spirit of giving and receiving to loved one is out of the window, if you follow the retailers dream to get every last penny out of you before Christmas, then even more after Christmas thus sucking you dry and when the bill comes in on January 31st, the reality of Christmas really hits in and we have to find a way to pay for it ALL year, then next September it starts all over again.

I am glad I am in a Asian country the theme of Christmas is sort of here, but it’s low key, e.g. some staff in a department store have Christmas hats on, but very little else.


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