A request to the universe

Well today started out OK, I even had a great time taking photographs (will show you some tomorrow), but this evening are the people in life stupid I ask myself?, I am helping running a place and you give a guest key to the front door, and tell them to take it with them all the time, as the front door is closed from early evening onwards (for security of the place they are at and their own safety).  What do they do, forget their keys all 3 of them, one did not even try his key in his hand, just rang the door bell and waited for me to open it.  The place I am in is NOT a 5 star place, but a very basic hostel, these people have to step up to the mark and sort themselves out in life, otherwise they are going to be at the bottom of the food chain if they cannot think for themselves now and take responsibility what will happen to them when they return to their respective countries.

Do they think we do everything for them like their parents at home, well wake up people you are not at home now, you are in the big wide world you have to fend for yourself, there is no one to do it for you.  Unless you are mega rich and have servants at your beck and call 24 hours per day, if that is the case then why are you staying at one of the cheapest places in Thailand? and not a reasonable hotel 3 stars and above?

Well then universe, I want out of here, you know the reasons, not just the above, but there are others, so when can I get out of this place?

I am waiting patiently for an answer please.



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