I want to be in Penang – NOW

OK for me today things are not going very well in Thailand, I am missing my friends, curries, photography and no stress things that are in Malaysia waiting for me.

I feel that I am in a no win situation with the place I am in at present, I would go tomorrow if I could, but the only real thing is stopping me is a little bit of cash, (£300) in the short term.

So who will buy a print subscription from me (www.printsbypost.com), just a couple and I can get out of here and do the thing I really want to and that is photography, as I am doing nothing here, or even being creative, too much noise, not enough “ME” time, I have only had effectively 3 hours off during the past 5 weeks (working 12 plus hour days), not much fun, as it being woken up at 1.30 AM, 5.30AM etc on an all to regular basis, I did not sign up for this, and I certainly did not say I would do it for free.

In short I want out of here next week if possible or sooner, as I cannot stand it here, too much stress, that I do not want – it is making me ill.  Ok I am going to miss the Cat that is here, as she is a very friendly one, but I can find a cat elsewhere to pet and take care of  it’s not the end of the world, but I need to think of my health and not someones feelings as this person has got me here under some false pretenses, if I look into the emails and the reality here they do not match.

Signing off as an unhappy person in Thailand.



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