Why am I here?

Well that is my question for the day, I am in Thailand supposed to be helping a friend out, but, this is not working out on so many levels, I need to leave ASAP.  The only thing stopping me is a little money I need to get out of here, around £300 would be enough to get me out of here and back to Penang as it’s a living hell here.  I am existing, being bulllied and I am fed up with the current situation.

It’s a sad state of affairs that I cannot raise £300 to get me out of here, but I presume the universe is wanting me here for some reason exactly what I do not know yet, but I am sure as soon as this is done the money will appear as by magic then I will book a bus out of here and back to Malaysia ASAP. within 24 hours I will be gone and back to a fantastic enviroment and good friends in Malaysia.

So who is going to help me out I wonder, anyone out there in cyber space that has £300 to spare and do not mind when it gets paid back, or alternatively you could just buy a set of photographs from me and I will happily send them to you.

What about a print subscription from my web site www.printsbypost.com, I would throw in a few extra prints if you did do this for me.

Here’s Hoping, I get out of this hell hole soon.

Thank you universe in advance



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