Print subscripition web site

Dear all

I have a new website up and running at 

The idea behind this web site is instead of getting a boring magazine subscription for someone as a Christmas or Birthday present or something for yourself, wouldn’t you prefer to start collecting My photographs for your personal collection or it may just nice to have a great print delivered to your door every month?

I have set this web site where you can choose a print size, theme and duration of the subscription, really like a magazine subscription, but instead you get a high quality pro lab printed photograph that I have taken, on one of the following 5 themes.

Water and Waves


Action sports

Autumn and flowers


There is something suitable for every one and later on I will be adding new themes, so stay tuned for other themes.

Prices start from £45 for a 3 month subscription to any theme for a print size of 5″ x 7″ The Airmail Delivery costs are included in the price to ANY WHERE in the WORLD, no added extras.

Come by and see what I have to offer, you will get random prints from that theme you have chosen for the subscription, it will be exciting to open the package when it arrives on your door step as you have no idea what print I will be sending, it’s like getting a Christmas or Birthday surprise present every month.

I am also setting up an affiliate scheme where you can earn 20% of the subscription value in commission for  hosting my banner on your web site for confirmed sales of subscriptions you refer to me.

Come and at sign up for an email list and get a free e-book of my work


Michael Crawford-Hick



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