The Universe is amazing

I got a panic email from a friend who I was going to help out later in the year, but this situation has escalated to almost critical and needs my attention and help a month earlier.  So last night I wondered how I could help out as I needed some funds to help that person, which I did not have mmmm What to do at 1.30 am?, OK sleep on it.

The next morning I had a sort of solution in my head and wrote an email to the person involved telling them about the situation and how I can help them.  I went with a friend to have coffee and by the time I got back they had emailed me a potential solution and they are helping me in an unexpected way. I have now emailed back with the response they needed and now I just have to wait for a confirmation email.

For obvious reason I cannot go into the specfics, needless to say, the Universe needs me to be there this weekend to help sort the various problems out, and it about to provided me with the potential means and time to do so, when I only really had time.

WOW this universe is powerful when it needs to be, just be careful for what you wish for, it has a long time ago it granted 6 friends of mine their big wishes (we are talking life changing ones here) and 3 of them within 3 months of chatting in a pub, we all freaked out a bit when each of our wishes came true very fast.

All I can say is thank you universe and keep up the good work


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