Priceline and

Well what does it take to get an answer out of these companies?  I would love to know, as I have been sending them polite emails asking for a reply, Nothing, then I tried a different approach sent them some postcards with the Hotel From Hell showing you the conditions of the place I stayed at to 3 of their people – Nothing.  I then found out some of the directors names and sent them email – Nothing.

Well enough is enough, so I prepared a press release, set of photos and have just sent it to 23 newspapers / agencies UK, USA and Australia and lets see if that get a response, I really hope it does as they have admited the conditions were dire, but are not doing anything about it.

It’s the same with all large comanies with a few execptions they want all your money and give you no support when things go wrong, even if the admited its wrong still no help.  This has got to change somehow

Any suggestions ?

Hotel from Hell Amani Guest House

Hotel from Hell Amani Guest House


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