Photographers beaware – muslims and photos article

As photographers, we have had the stop and search powers by the police under section 44 of the terrosim act read to us a number of times as per the aricles on the internet, basically being stopped from what we love doing and that is taking photographs in a law abiding way.

I came across this article and had to share it with you all, as I belive that this will be an excuse for the Police and other autorities to stop us more frequently, regardless of the outcome, just because some Muslim men were wearing sombreros and appeared drunk. broke into a court house and had camera gear and photos in their car, of what the feds called infrastructure shots.  It has now transpired that they were drunk French-Morrocans.

It may be small fry, but it will give the authorities a little more excuses to stop photographers taking photographs, it’s a sad day when we cannot do what we love.

Hopefully history, will be OK, in the sense that our ancestors can see what the world was like during this semi prohibition time, as there is a lot less street / kids parties / school functions and the like photography going on today compared to just over 10 years, due to a very very small minority of cases which involved photography (none really proved yet as far as I know), and now that it photography has gone digital, there is so much more gone underground, as there is no longer a need for the people to get films developed since the invention of digital camera, computers, and home printers.

Remember the 9/11 attacts on the world trade centre, 7/7 bombings and lots of other terrorists attacts DID NOT USE PHOTOGRAPHY as part of their plan.  But I bet you it is going to change after this incidnet reported by San Antonio Express-News

Here is the link to the article

Remember to look up


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