Wine ice cream and ATM currency machine

Well today I went to a shop called Merers (general supermarket) its in the pavilion shopping complex in Kuala Lumpar and found  Wine flavour Ice Cream they come in 5 flavours
Red rasberry Chardonnay

Royal White Riesling

Peach White Zinfandel

Cherry merlot

Chocolate Cabernet

they cost 30 ringit for a 1 pint tub (approx £6)

I did not buy so do not know what they taste lke.

In the same shopping centre they have the usual ATM machines, but one of them only dispensed currency e.g. you could get

US dollars
Singapore dollars
Australian dollars
Hong kong dollars
Thai baht
Indonesia Rupiah
China Dong

I have no idea what rate you get, as I  did not have a CIMB card to try it out, they need this kind of machine in Airports providing you get a better rate than the usual suspects at an average airport.


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