A letter for the 21st Century

This idea came from my travels, when I decided to write, yes write a real letter to my friend who was going through a hard time, as I thought and now know it was a good idea.  remember the days we used to sit down and write to loved ones, then waiting for that envelope to drop through the letter box?.  She emailed me back and said I would love to write to you but you do not have a real address, as I am traveling around Asia, and in places not longer than 1-2 weeks, by the time the letter get to me I may have gone already, so where can she send it?.  Well I have an idea that brings this into the new technology age.

So the plan is, go ahead and write that letter to a friend or loved one, it does not matter how long it is as long, as it is written.  Then comes the 21st century bit, go and get your camera preferably with at least 4 mega pixels, take the letter, camera into a room with plenty of light, place the letter on a table or ground and take a photo of it, make sure you can see the whole page in the view finder and be careful not to go to close to the page as there is a minimum focus distance that cameras have, especially the compacts.  Repeat as many times as necessary until the whole letter has been photographed.

Upload the images to your computer, check to see if they need any adjustment for brightness / contrast if so open them in a photo editor and adjust as necessary.  Save the images as page 1, page 2 etc.

Go to you email program and attach them to it, and say something brief in the usual part where you write the email (don’t re write the letter here say something like there is a letter on the attachments for you), put a subject line and address it to the person you want it to be sent to an press send!  The person will then receive a email from you with attachment (s), but the important thing is that the actual letter was hand written by you.

Simple EH!!

Now you are asking yourself what do I do with the letter I have just written, well store it away, and when you either next see the person give them the letters, so they have the originals, just like you would in posting them to the person, or if they are traveling like me, when they get a permanent base or return home, then send them the letters, they will enjoy re reading them again some months or years later.

Now I can hear you say I have not got a digital camera, then find a person who has a flat bed scanner, a internet shop may be of help here or a friend, just put the pages onto a usb stick so you can send them at your leisure to the friend.

So there you have it, how to send a conventional letter with modern technology.

Enjoyed this, then pass it on to anyone who want to write real letters in the 21st century

Thanks for reading

Michael Crawford-Hick, http://www.michaelcrawfordhick.com


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