Demostrations in Kuala Lumpar today 9th July 2011

Well, I went for a walk around KL today and at almost every turn there was the build up to the demonstrations rally’s.  The photographs with the guy in the blue shirt was near Masjid Jamek, they were just getting started, and I saw some smoke a gas canister or something, so got out of there quite quickly, as the crowd noise was starting to build, and you could feel something might happen.  I quickly left the area and as I was going away from the area, the roads were deserted and quite, no one around, the Police had blocked off all surrounding roads, a bit of a ghost town compared to the normal traffic jams in that area.

Two metro rail station were closed by the time I got to another one (Masjid Jamek and Hang Tuah).  I decided to get into the center of town near Lot 10 a shopping mall Bukit Bintag).  I got there and then found there was another demonstration this time they were rallying the followers, by chants, giving out t-shirts & Malaysian flags.  I was able to get a high vantage point, to get the presumably leaders of this part of the demo, as they were the ones rallying the followers and giving out stuff e.g flags and t-shirts.  As the truck they were in was pointing away from me they were intending to go down the street away from me, which they did after around 5-10 minutes.

I am staying around a 3 minute walk from this road (in a safe back street), and can hear the chants from the rally, as well as the helicopters hovering over head monitoring the event as it unfolds.

The photos can be found at

if you wish to use them, please contact me via email :




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